Pronounced "Knee-Day"

Nede Resorts & Transitions Community Org is dedicated to education, preservation, and sustainability

Welcome to Nede Resorts and Transitions Community Organization(NRATCO): Shelter and Education Center 

Nede Resorts and Transitions Community Organization  offers an opportunity for an individual or families to change their future by giving them the education, self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility within a New Urbanism Community designed to cater to their needs not offered in their current environment.


We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty. Mother Teresa 

There are about 3.5 million people that are homeless in the United States. The number is expected to keep rising, and there are not enough homeless shelters to help house these people. The population of the homeless, victims of substance abuse, domestic violence victims, military veterans, and previously incarcerated individuals has remained the same over the past five years. As a result of this, the demand for the services in this industry is still high. The United States still has a lot of need for the services for these individuals. Therefore, this will lead to further growth of the revenue in the industry.   

Considering this case, the purpose of NRATCO  is to develop a community and safe environment to evaluate the feasibility of the business, focused on the homeless, victims of substance abuse, domestic violence, and previously incarcerated individuals introduced back into society.   

The NRATCO is committed to being a steward for the environment and engages in sustainable practices when it comes to maintenance, janitorial work, new construction, and renovations. For the NRATCO community, “going green” accomplishes the following:  

Projected Project Vitals   Name: Nede Resorts and Transitions Community Organization(NRATCO): Shelter and Education Center (Nede Principle location and School)      

Projected Donors: Government Grants, Crowdfunding, Other Charitable Organizations and Individual Contributors (Kickstarter and GoFundme)   

Gift Amount Needed: $1,000,000. 100% to the design and construction costs and to support programming activities    

Property Location: (Currently looking at vacant land in Atlanta and Ellenwood, Georgia or Henry, Rockdale, Dekalb and Newton Counties Georgia.)  

Intended Use of Land Acquired:    Trade Specific Education (Alternative Energy, Agriculture, Sustainability, Solar Power, Science, Physics, Construction and New Urban Development, etc.)  

  • Health and Wellness  
  • Safe Shelter  
  • Rehabilitation  
  • Outreach  
  • Alternative Energy Source   
  • 2 Apartment Style - Modern Micro Dwelling Spaces  
  • Outdoor Learning Spaces  
  • Aquaponics/Hydroponic Gardens and Streams (attached to Education Facility)   
  • Honeybee Apiary  
  • Orchard  


  • Substantial completion end 2020     
  • Full occupation (classes begin) January 2021     
  • Certification 2021 (or after at least 12 months of consecutive performance after full occupation)
  • Project Partners:      
  • Drafter: Wiggins Design     
  • Builder: TBD     
  • Contributing teams: TBD    

What is my Return on Investment? 

All funds raised during this nonprofit crowdfunding fundraiser are tax-deductible and will be used to build the Nede Resorts and Transitions Community Organization Shelter and Education Center in Atlanta, GA. 

What benefits does the NRATCO Shelter and Education Center provide for the community at large?

  • Provides a lower cost alternative to existing failed programs.
  • Implemented in phases
  • Repeat crime reduction, and alternative to the high financial and social cost of prison
  • Not in anybody's back yard. Thoroughly addresses the NIMBY issue.
  • Provides a permanent solution for the chronically adult homeless which is not being addressed or serviced locally, while providing a place for the adult homeless to work their way back into the broader community.
  • Located in a remote, undeveloped area which will have the least impact on existing communities.
  • Creates desired “campus” of centrally located services.
  • Hierarchy system which separates drug and alcohol users from the clean and sober.
  • Provides various work opportunities and screened labor force.
  • Provides a model for other areas to solve their own homeless problem.


Projected Budget

Files coming soon.